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Preach With Your Body
Dance Ministry


PWYB is a biblically based organization dedicated to strategically coach and encourage individuals through the ministry and ethical principles of praise dance.  Under the umbrella of Preach With Your Body, we go into places of worship and instruct dance ministers on how to become and maintain an effective dance ministry through praise dance, we go to schools and youth centers to coach and encourage young ladies on self-worth and body image through public speaking, and we visit nursing homes and senior housing facilities to instruct the elderly on how to preserve their bodies through

dance movement therapy.

Female Dancers

Dance develops the powers of concentration, and mental and physical co-ordination together with the ability of retention. It teaches children to co-operate in group settings, follow directions and it also develops positive attitudes, which are absorbed to become an active and integral member of their community. A dance student achieves the discipline of mind and body that will have great impact on them, and everyone connected to them throughout their lives. They will come to understand the rewarding and fulfilling experience of positive pride and success. Through the study of dance students will attain a new grace, new poise, and a new confidence because of their achievements. We always continuously thank and honor God for providing an atmosphere where the learning experience is always pleasant, fun and full of joy.


black girl ballet dancer

One-on-One Lessons

Personalized Attention

Lessons are designed to highlight the specific abilities of each student and work through the necessary changes warranted by any barriers that are presented. To learn more about these unique One-on-One Lessons, schedule a meeting today.

blackgirl ballet class

Group Lessons

Guaranteed Success

No matter the level of skill or experience, individuals will gain knowledge from taking Group Lessons. Each class includes practical and theoretical instruction, along with plenty of time to put new knowledge into practice. Classes will be posted as times are confirmed. 

conference speaker

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Workshops are full of informative yet interesting topics, focus notes for retrospective study and individualized attention as well. Each lesson involves an element of learning and theory, but the majority of the class is devoted to putting that theory into practice. Get in touch to find out more.

Conferences and Workshops

Dance Workshops

Praise dance
Zumba class
Circl mobility

Personalized Attention

Workshops are designed to extract creativity so students will come to know their potential through the ministry of dance. Along with dance training, we study the word, worship praise and learn to effectively minister the word of God. Consequently, healing and deliverance will be ministered through the creative expression of dance. 

 Zumba Fusion

Improved physical and spiritual health

Get ready to dance, groove and improve your

mobility! Our Zumba/Circl Mobility class is the 

perfect combination of high-energy Zumba moves, and targeted mobility/flexibility exercises. You will be able to enhance your coordination, flexibility, mobility, and overall fitness. Get ready to sweat, smile, laugh, and feel fantastic.

 Circl Mobility

 Mobility and Flexibility Class


The Circle mobility and flexibility program is designed to help you move your body the way it's intended

to. Based on the science of functional movement, 

Circl Mobility focuses on flexibility, breathwork, and

mobility exercises. 


About Me

A Passionate Dance Instructor

Keisha always knew she wanted to be a Dance Instructor since she began dancing at the age of three. She has a passion for working with people to help them find their conversation with God in worship. She's had plenty of experience working with students of all levels and skills - from beginners to experts. No matter who she's teaching, she thrives on seeing her students grow and develop in their relationship with God as they discover who they are in Him.

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(856) 335-5391

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